Outdoor & Indoor LED Solutions

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Outdoor & Indoor LED Solutions

Eins Technology Pte Ltd provides Outdoor & Indoor LED Solutions around the globe, enabling our eye-catching LED display solutions to maximise the visibility of your brand. LED displays are the most suitable solution for corporate branding, retail applications, Digital Out-of-Home advertising and spectacular, custom-made applications – for indoor or outdoor installations.

Eins Technology Pte Ltd provides the turn-key solution for media; partnering with Panasonic to provide both Outdoor and Indoor LED display together with our digital signage software, namely iTX-Cast.

Outdoor LED displays are rugged, IP65 rated solutions that deliver high-resolution images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels. Available in various pixel pitches, they generate the perfect picture all the time, even in direct sunlight. Because they are exposed to the most severe weather conditions, it is vital that the image quality of outdoor LED installations stays consistent over time. We believe that IP rating is just one of the building blocks in determining whether a LED display is suitable for outdoor use or not. That is why we have developed our own test programme called “typhoon testing.” In this test, we not only test the impact of water and dust (the basis for IP rating) but also take into account the impact of UV rays and the variations in temperatures and vibrations. The “Typhoon test” is your quality assurance for reliable outdoor LED technology.


Why Indoor?

  • High contrast Ratio
  • High Gray Level
  • 0.1 Increment adjust suit for various low light area
  • 0.2 Short distance viewing angle (for 5.9mm)
  • Highly suited to large night-time events

Why Outdoor?

  • High contrast Ratio
  • Front and Back IP65 Rating
  • High brightness
  • Operation environment -20C to +45C
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