Screenbyte was creatively designed it for any presentation, so you can use it at exhibitions, meetings, training sessions and conferences.


ScreenByte is an interactive software creatively designed for conferences, talks, exhibitions, training sessions and meetings. This innovative software enables delegates to screen mirror and capture the contents of the speaker’s screen straight to their smart devices or laptops. It is so user-friendly and requires such minimal setting, that delegates can discreetly take pictures of the speaker’s screen, without interrupting the presentation whatsoever. With ScreenByte, delegates can also ask questions without having to ask the presenter verbally.

ScreenByte is an ideal platform for knowledge sharing between the presenter and the audience without the need to upload or email documents. It is especially useful in the MICE industry where busy delegates may not have the time or resources to download the documents they require prior to the conference or exhibition they are attending.

We recognised how time-consuming it was for event organisers to gather email addresses and send documents to delegates worldwide prior to an event. That is why we developed ScreenByte: to enable event organisers to facilitate more efficient, smarter conferences, exhibitions and talks. ScreenByte frees up their time to fully focus on the participants’ learning experience. And it is is not just a valuable tool for large events. ScreenByte lends itself beautifully to small group training and coaching sessions too.

We are so confident you will love our new product, we are providing free trials for event organisers and speakers/trainers. For more information, please visit

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